[Notification] International delivery information
Date : 2021-02-25
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Note for international order,

[Delivery Issue]

Please Note that Currently, due to the impact of COVID-19, Delivery to most countries is being delayed.

1. Basically Products for International delivery are delivered by DHL or FEDEX, except for Russia and Brazil which will be sent by EMS.

  (In case of Brazil, CPF no. shall be informed. please remain CPF information at  'Order Message (Within 100 characters)' in Purchase order page of website .

2. In the face of the challenges posed by the current global COVID-19 situation, In the case of areas that cannot be delivered by DHL or FEDEX, we try to ship with Other delivery company instead of DHL or FEDEX. 

Just in case, If additional shipping fee is required. We'll send an e-mail.

3. Additional taxes and tariffs are not included in the product price for customers who have purchased overseas. Therefore, your order may incur a fee upon delivery, which willl be determined by your local customs authorities.

If you do not comply with the tariffs set by your local customs authorities or do not pay within the set period of time, your order may be returned or discarded, and MUSICPLANT will not compensate and will not be held liable for any disbenefits.

 * Taxes are determined by the sum of the shipping cost and the product price.

4. When you receive the product through the delivery agency in Korea, you cannot be protected against omission of components or Any delivery problems. so, Please USE our delivery service.

5. Please note that Products will be delivered to the address on the order sheet of the musicplant shopping mall.


In case poster is included for album, a few posters will be folded and delivered without extra shipping fee. the poster will be delivered less than quantity of Three(3).

Please note that If customer want to receive all or more, please remain message at  'Order Message (Within 100 characters)' in Purchase order page of website .

In this case, shipping fee will be increased based on the price in order list. If customer remain message, we will inform customer how much increased via e-mail. 

[Refund and exchange regarding Missing, damaged or defective]

1. If there is any guidance regarding missing/damaging in the product description, it will take precedence over the following. 

(It may vary depending on situation.)

2. In order to refund and exchange missing, damaged, or defective products, 

   'Unboxing video shall be taken from the time of opening of the parcel box' is required. 

3. Refund or exchange is not possible with photo or text inquiries without unboxing video.

   Component defect and damage: Minor scratches, contamination, and folding of product components are inevitable during the manufacturing process, so It cannot be refunded or exchanged.

4. Product defect and damage: The out case of the product is to protect the product, so it is difficult to refund or exchange it due to minor scratches, contamination, and damage.

[For PAYPAL Payment]

Shipping address of PAYPAL must be same as the address on order sheet of MUSICPLANT.
Please refer to below PAYPAL Payment Screen.

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